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Collection d'histoires et souvenirs d'antan

Le livre contient 24 tizistwars qui vous feront revivre des émotions oubliées, des expériences vécues et des moments partagés.

Delivery Area: All Regions

The best selection of Indian Clothes

Choose between a large variety of traditional Indian clothes.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Wings, Drum Bites, Rounders

Order your chicken wings, bucket wings, big bites chicken, crispy chicken, panini with ChickNBite.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Flower bouquets of your choice

Choose between the large array of bouquets including roses and various other types of flowers. They are the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Gourmet dishes of your choice

Boeuf Bourguignon & tagliatelles, pain à l'ancienne végane, pain à l'ancienne au thon parfumé au citron, Panini grec aux légumes.

Delivery Area: Pickup or Take Away Only

Seafoods variety to the extreme.

Get a large variety of seafoods ranging from shrimps, crab sticks, fish (capitaine, espadons, etc.) delivered at home.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Buy your fresh chicken (Poulet Frais) from NidChicken.

Choose between a selection of whole chicken, chicken wings, mix packs. Nothing better than having a barbecue at home.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Get your fresh fruits and vegetables from our online store.

Delivery Area: All Regions

7 Cascades Restaurant

Get a selection of the best Mauritian and exotic dishes.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Pizza and Pasta

Get the best selection of Pizzas and Pastas with sauces.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Computer hardware

Are you working from home and you need devices to make you more productive. Look no further with WTS: printers, laptops, headsets, everything you need.

Pickup Only

Yearning for some delicious food?

Order online to get an variety of delicious meals including fries, grilled chicken and lamb.

Delivery Area: Centre

Platters and kitchenware

Leader in supplying wooden platters and kitchenware for Hotels and restaurants in Mauritius. Now available for your kitchen become the place to be.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Looking for the pleasant escape?

Try DodoCafe's aromatic coffee in different aromatic flavors including Cinnamon Coffee and the famous Éthiopian Djimmah.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Your online marketplace

Get anything that you could be looking for on our online store, ranging from gifts to nice Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Looking for Dim Sum and Frozen Packs?

Choose between dozens of different combinations for Dim Sum and vegetable frozen packs. Want to have a quick dinner ready, look no further.

Delivery Area: All Regions


Get everything that you need in terms of packs of seafoods and meat. Quick and easy

Delivery Area: Centre

Need Coffee?

A great tradition of coffee roasting, which makes the happiness of coffee lovers. This fine & pure taste of a freshly roasted coffee in Mauritius.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Need Nice Dishes?

Choose among our huge selection of fish curry, calamari, crab soup, lobster in garlic sauce, and many other delicious dishes.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Need Fresh Eggs?

Need fresh eggs for omelettes and making cakes. Shop at Farm Fresh Eggs to get your eggs.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Iftaar Packs

Order your Iftaar packs here including Samoussa Poulet, Croquette Fromage, Cateless, etc.

Delivery Area: All Regions

Seafoods for Mauritius.

Choose from a large variety of fish, seafoods, crabs, shrimps, fish frozen packs, tuna, fish eggs, and many other items.

Delivery Area: Centre

Buy your cooking gas

Bobonne bleu, jaune, rouge, etc.

Delivery Area: Riche Terre, Port Louis, Pailles, Coromandel, Rose-Hill, Quatre Bornes

Gaz Bleu

Order your gaz bleu online.

Delivery Area: Plaine Wilhems Only

Order your cooking gas

Bonbonne De Gaz Bleue, Rouge et Jaune.

Delivery Area: Pailles, Coromandel, Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Quatre-Bornes

Samoussa and Catless Snacks

Get a selection of the best snacks including samoussa, catless, tikka, and halfmoons.

Delivery Area: All Regions

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